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Spacious Living Room

Starting at $85 per hour

Decluttering Services

Welcome to our transformative 3-step home and office decluttering service, where efficiency meets harmony. Experience the practicality and benefits of our comprehensive approach to organization, designed to enhance your daily life and productivity.


Set Clear Goals

Let's start by outlining the specific objectives for each room. What are your goals? Are you looking to create more space, enhance organization, or achieve something else? Once we have clarity on your objectives, we can determine whether to begin with the simplest space or prioritize the areas that require immediate attention.


Streamline and Maintain

Here, we'll focus on long-term organization and efficiency. We'll refine your systems to ensure they remain effective over time and give you tips for establishing sustainable habits and regular maintenance routines. 


Sort and Categorize

We'll partner with you to consider the room's intended purpose when deciding which items to keep and which to discard. Then, we'll create functional zones within the room and organize items accordingly, optimizing storage solutions for maximum functionality.

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